How SHAREit Works: Its Concept and Technical Process

Have you ever wondered how SHAREit works? How did the developer come up with such a great file-sharing application that can meet the needs of the users? This is pretty much a question for us who do not know anything about programming and such.

How SHAREit Works

Remember those times when we rely on a program that takes like forever to transfer a single file. Yeah, you’re right. I am talking about our old best-friend – the Bluetooth. Bluetooth left us so many memories when smartphones are not yet existing. It is a tool which allows us to send and receive images or audio and video files from multiple devices.

Today, mobile developers are continuing to enhance our devices, and it goes the same with the programs and applications. They developed gaming routers so we can play without lags, modems and routers for us to access the internet, and now a file-sharing application. They realized that we need to have a more reliable file-sharing app that will transfer files in a faster way. For that reason, they brought an app that will meet the needs of the mobile and computer users – the SHAREit.

SHAREit is one of the best and popular file-sharing apps in the market. It transfers files at a lightning speed no matter how large the file is. SHAREit can share the files from one device to another on different platforms. With just a few clicks, a file will be transferred in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on how large the file is.

In here, I will share with you the information on how SHAREit works. It is based on the research I have made and of course, from the experience of using it. To have a first-hand experience of SHAREit, click this link and use SHAREit for Windows device. You can learn more about tech and gaming industry from our website.

How SHAREit Works: The Concept of a File-Sharing Application

A file-sharing application like SHAREit is the app that is responsible for sharing or transferring files from one device to another. The concept is based on networking, where there are a sender and a receiver. Both of the devices have their IP address. One of the devices must initiate or create a WiFi hotspot while the other must be connected to that hotspot.

Once the two devices established a connection, transferring files can be done. The sending device will choose the file/files, while the receiver just needs to wait for the files to be transferred completely. SHAREit does not uses any internet or Wi-Fi routers that will

How SHAREit Works Technically

SHAREit transmits data at the speed of 2 Mbps. This transmission does not use any type of cables or data. SHAREit uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to transfer the files. The data to be sent is broken down into smaller pieces and it is called “packets.” The broken data packets are then transmitted to the receiver. When all the packets are received, the receiving device combines them and convert to the original file again.

Key Features of SHAREit

#1. Cross-PlatformSHAREit

SHAREit runs on different platforms whether it is smartphone, tablet or computer. It can be downloaded and installed in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

#2. Share Everything in a Lightning Speed

With SHAREit, all types of files can be sent. You can share everything including images, audio and video files, documents, contacts and even applications. There’s no limit on transferring when it comes to file size.

One of the best features of SHAREit is that it can send and receive a file in a matter of seconds. No matter how large the file is, and how many files are you going to send, it will not take a long time to finish transferring.

#3. Share Files Simultaneously

SHAREit for PC comes with a special feature which allows group sharing for up to 5 devices. So, if you and your friends came to a party and you captured the moments, you can send those moments to them simultaneously.

#4. WiFi Hotspot Operated

Older mobile phones rely on Bluetooth to transfer and share files. SHAREit, on the other hand, does not need a Bluetooth or an internet to send and receive. You only need to create a WiFi hotspot which uses IP address and establish the connection between the devices, and transferring can be done.


Technically, it is hard to understand how SHAREit works on our devices. But when it comes to its concept, I am sure you know that already. Since most of us who have smartphones use SHAREit as our file-sharing app, we already familiarized ourselves on this program.

If you have questions and concerns regarding SHAREit app, please leave them in the comment box below. We are here to assist you with whatever we can do.

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